Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo, ask me if something is racist and I'll tell you. If it's absolutely necessary for you to know, I'm not white.

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Anonymous asked: Speedy Gonzalez. I hear that WB stopped using that character but had to return to it due to huge backlash from Hispanic communities?

I like how the only two options those fools think is available are Racist Caricature or No Representation At All. Fuck that noise.

Anonymous asked: do you think it's acceptable for a white person to let the n-word slip out once or twice when singing along to "hard in da paint"?

Why, do you?

Anonymous asked: People who caption photos of their chihuahuas so it's like the dog is talking in a fake Mexican accent?

Fun Fact: your “Mexican accent” is always racist garbage.

Brittani Nichols is on the podcast all this week, as today’s question takes us into the wack-ass world of Pick-Up Artists.

And definitely make sure to watch Brittani’s pilot Words With Girls.

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Anonymous asked: yo dogg, I actually work at the Fox News Center; there are hell babies everywhere, always crawling around, and they have eyes on their palms and soles of their feet, but none in their head (no eye holes either, just smooth skin) and also they have reverse toilets that bring poop and pee and such INTO the building, rather than out of it. None of the anchors there cast any shadows, and can only communicate in a weird shrieking language. Nice snack bar, tho.

You know, got to weigh the positives against the negatives.