Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo, ask me if something is racist and I'll tell you. If it's absolutely necessary for you to know, I'm not white.

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Anonymous asked: A black friend told me, a white guy, that I could say the n word because there is "no hate in my heart." I'm not going to do it and I'm confused about his permission.

Yeah, who knows.

Anonymous asked: heeeeey how about we go a whole week without any racist bullpucky?


Anonymous asked: Detroit mixed-race open-carry rally. The one guy who gets arrested is the only black guy in the group. The charge? Carrying a concealed weapon. Not a question.

I think it’s always been clear that the 2nd Amendment is for white people.

Anonymous asked: public enemy's 'bring the noise' being used to advertise coverage of the ryder cup

Well, to be fair, “golf fans” (if you get my drift) are literally the enemies of decent society, so maybe it kind of fits.