Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo, ask me if something is racist and I'll tell you. If it's absolutely necessary for you to know, I'm not white.

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scienceside0fturnblr asked: What does wack even mean?

Listen, by asking this, you don’t need to know.

Anonymous asked: Yo my family is extremely racist, even though we're Arabic (light skinned) and lived in Europe (we moved) but every time I tell my mother that saying stuff like "chin-chon-cho" or my brother saying "ew" after I said I was exited that there's a black spider man (AMAZING RIGHT?!?) is, in fact, racist THEY get angry at ME and suddenly IM the dick for telling them to stop saying that. Any advice?

You just have to know that you’re not the dick.

Anonymous asked: Do you know if the phrase "amerikkka" is considered racist?

I can guess!

Anonymous asked: I'm a Muslim and I just can't wait to get randomly checked at the airport.


Anonymous asked: My friend has a confederate flag up in his childhood bedroom. He vocally hates the south and conservatives, but he says it's there because a friend once dared him to put it up and he has no reason to take it down because he thinks people take symbols too seriously. No one sees it much, but he says if they did he'd want it to start a conversation about how symbols don't matter and how focusing on them disguises the real issue. I think that's fucking stupid. What do you think?

Think about what kind of piece of shit you have to be if having a “conversation about how symbols don’t matter” is more important to you than not displaying a dehumanizing symbol of racism. Does this fuckface not understand that this conversation will be composed of words, which, OH SHIT, are representations of things and ideas??? IT’S ALMOST LIKE SYMBOLS ARE VERY IMPORTANT HUH YOU DUMB ASSHOLE (that last part you can just say to your ex-friend.)