Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo, ask me if something is racist and I'll tell you. If it's absolutely necessary for you to know, I'm not white.

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Anonymous asked: Yo, do some cultures need to continue to relive past tragedies in order to have a definition? For example, Black people tend to be loud and proud of their culture (BET, Black History Month, etc.) as a way to never forget the injustices inflicted upon them under the reign of slavery. I mean, in medieval times, whites owned whites serfs and yet whites generally don't feel the need to continue reminding everyone about it.

Hey dipshit, I know that when you try this weak-ass logic all your stupid racist friends get all impressed, but, OH HOLD UP, what if your assertion that, for instance, BET exists to relive the tragedy of FUCKING HUMAN SLAVERY is false, and is, let’s just give one possibility, maybe a way to serve an audience that is ignored by the majority controlled media. Man, you’d have to be a fucking racist idiot then, huh?

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