Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo, ask me if something is racist and I'll tell you. If it's absolutely necessary for you to know, I'm not white.

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Anonymous asked: I've always been taught not to see color or race. I've never understood why our institutions of learning divide us by culture and race. History of America from an African perspective. History in America from a Mexican perspective. Entrance into college based on racial quotas. End all this crap right now. Quit dividing us.

Yo, I know you’re mad stupid and whatnot, but you do understand that “not seeing race” is really only something that you have the luxury of doing if you’re White, right? The rest of us get race seen upon us all the goddamn time.

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    Social divides exist, artificial as they may be, and “not seeing” race, gender, sexuality, etc means ignoring what...
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    that’s colorblindnessssss
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    Slight preference for Arab Muslims. Slight association with blacks/weapons. No preference for gay/straight. Slight...
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    I was all excited when I first took the race IAT over a decade ago because our prof was like, “here let’s see how racist...
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    huh. according to the test thing i took on there, there is no racism in my subconscious, which i tend to think is...
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    Unsurprisingly, I am biased towards Asians/Asian Americans and homosexuals. TUMBLR MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE...
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    I’m generally mildly biased towards white people, except for the violence-race one. Last time I did that I strongly...