Yo, Is This Racist?

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Jen (and many more) asked: Quote: The company said it tested the ad with consumers, including about 100 Jamaicans, and got no negative feedback. In the hours since the issue blew up, Vazin said, the company has gotten “many” positive comments from the public, including Jamaicans. “The response has been: ‘We get it. Accents don’t have a color,’ ” he said.

Accents can be totally racist, tho, eh?

Dear Volkswagen, please tell me you did not just trot out some tired old “how could we be racist, some of our best friends/focus-group-attendees are black” bullshit to defend this racist-ass video.

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  2. sherlockloves said: This would never have flown in the Germany division. Now THERE is a country that has learned from its racist past.
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    My face watching this video.
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    "cultural causes, organizations and special-interest groups." i like how objecting to bigotry in ads is like some niche...
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    As a Jamaican that was not fucking polled for this commercial: What the actual fuck? As if using those phrases (because...
  7. thegreatwarriorpoeticecube said: Because 100 Jamaicans is totally a representative sample. Way to science, VW, way to science.
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    I’m going back and forth with my family (in Jamaica) right now, and the worst comment is “Why don’t *we* get roles in...
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    I just started yelling “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO” at this pounding my fists on the table. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS WRONG.
  17. batmanfights said: Hold on- you’re telling me the car company founded by Hitler is doing something racist?
  18. gregrutter said: White people doing things for comedic effect that are traditionally black things is … DING DONG … racist!
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