Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo, ask me if something is racist and I'll tell you. If it's absolutely necessary for you to know, I'm not white.

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Anonymous asked: Yo, dogg. my dad is racist on accident sometimes, like racial profiling, but when i yell at him for it he gets really sad because he doesn't know when he's doing it, and my mom said sometimes he cries because of it sometimes, so now i feel kinda bad.


  1. annalitical said: In a way, that’s good. If he’s crying, then he knows he’s done something wrong, and that’s the first step. In this case, a simple acknowledgement might be better than yelling at him. P.S. BY accident. ON purpose, BY accident.
  2. doggiesilove said: He is racist but he can turn it around.
  3. thecolossalennui said: yeah yeah, I’m so sad for you, racist dad. ya big baby.
  4. creepy-queer said: That’s part of learning. Maybe he won’t do it next time. And if he does, he SHOULD feel like a jerk.
  5. isaia said: Anon dad, you should probably try to stop being racist, if you’re actually crying over it. :c
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