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anonymous asked: Dutch Vogue has done another blackface photoshoot. I’m yelling at them right now to let them know that they’re racist assholes, but I’m not sure they can hear me across the sea. Maybe if we all yell together?

Every time I post some shit like this, I always get a bunch of hatemail saying some bullshit talking about how Europe doesn’t have the same relationship with blackface or whatever. And, if this were coming from any other people than the ones who invented the slave trade and then Apartheid, I would almost consider giving a shit.

PS. Seriously, tho, a big fuck you to all the racists in Europe.

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    It is inexplicable why they still do this. It is also utterly reprehensible, A big ZERO to Dutch Vogue for such shameful...
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    Why do the Dutch love blackface so much…
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    pretty sure that europe doesn’t have the same relationship with blackface as the US in the same way that australia...
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    Lol thank you. And they got a damn holiday to dress up in blackface. The dutch are the legit ogs of racism
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